Natural Cleaning for Your Entire Home

30+ recipes for a safer, cleaner, better-smelling home!

Most people think natural cleaners either: 

  • don’t work
  • are difficult / annoying to make
  • involve a lot of exotic, expensive ingredients that are too hard to find
  • all of the above! 

The truth is, you can clean every room in your house—curtains, carpet, toilet, tile grout, whatever—without ever touching another bottle of Clorox. 

In this 50-page downloadable e-book, you’ll learn why these cleaners work, how to stock your home with a few basic ingredients you can grab as needed—and why you shouldn’t use some of the DIY cleaning recipes you see online.  

You’ll also learn:

  • How to safely and naturally clean every surface in your home, from stainless steel appliances to moldy showers
  • Which natural cleaning ingredients should never be mixed (and why)
  • How to customize your cleaners with essential oils
  • Why you should use purified water instead of tap water
  • There’s even a recipe for cleaning dog toys!

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